Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

What Can You Do If Your Bail Amount Is Too High?

by Gregory Hall

When the police arrest you and place you in jail, you will usually have the choice to stay there until your court hearings are complete, or to get out of jail by paying bail money. If you are in jail and find out that your bail is too high, there are several different ways you could handle the situation, and here are some of the options you have.

Sit in jail until the court releases you

The first option you have is to remain in jail until the court releases you. This may take several weeks to occur, or it could take longer, depending on the crime you are being charged with. The good news about this option is that the time you serve in jail as you wait for your hearings will count towards jail time if you are sentenced to serve time in jail. Therefore, after your case is complete, you might not have to serve any jail time for your sentence, as you would have already completed it.

Ask the court to lower the bail amount

The second option you have is to ask the court to lower the bail amount. According to the Eighth Amendment, bail cannot be an amount that is excessive. If you feel that the court set your bail amount at an excessive amount, ask them to lower it. If you ask this of the court, you should be prepared to explain why you feel that the amount is excessive. If the court agrees with you, they might lower it, and you might be able to afford to pay the new amount.

Hire a bail bondsman to pay it for you

If you do not want to remain in jail and if the court will not lower your bail, there is one more option to consider, which involves contacting a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will pay the bail amount the court sets for you, as long as you pay a small fee and agree to follow the rules the bail bondsman sets for you. Additionally, you will have to agree to do everything the court requires of you. This option will help you get out of jail quickly and without paying a lot of money out of your pocket.

Choosing this option is often the best remedy, as it is the easiest option available.

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