Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Wrong Assumptions About Bail Bondsman Every Person Who Lands In Jail Should Know

by Gregory Hall

A large number of people get out of jail every year with the help of a bail bondsman. These professionals can step in and offer a way out of jail when you may not have another solution. However, a lot of wrong assumptions get in the way of people who need help actually reaching out to an agent. Learn about why these assumptions are wrong and what bail bonds professionals actually do. 

Wrong: A bail bondsman and a bail bond agent are two different things. 

A bail bondsman can be known by a lot of different titles. For example, some people refer to these professionals as bond agents, bail agents, and bail officers. Therefore, a bail bondsman and a bail bond agent are the same thing; "bail bond agent" is just a more neutral term that does not insinuate a gender because there are female agents just the same as males. 

Wrong: You can get out of jail faster if you come up with your own money. 

Bail bondsmen are usually available almost around the clock, which means as soon as you find out the terms of your bail at a bail hearing after your arrest, you can get in touch with an agent to see if they can help. Hopefully, you would then get out of jail soon after. If you wait to try to gather funds on your own when you are in jail where you have limited communication with the outside world, you can be waiting for quite some time to get everything situated to get out. 

Wrong: Bail bondsmen always require you to own some kind of property for collateral. 

Collateral can help you if you have a large bail, and some bail bondsmen will require some form of owned property and collateral if that is the case. However, it is not just a standard policy for there to be collateral required in a bail bonds transaction. 

Wrong: If you do get help from a bail bondsman, you'll be paying them back for years to come. 

Naturally, how long you will be paying on the loan will depend on the amount of your bail. It is uncommon for anyone to be left paying back a bail bond for a lot of years. Usually, your payments will be stretched out over the course of several months to make the bail easier to pay back, but repayment terms do vary depending on the state where you live and the bail bonds agency you work with. 

Now that you know the truth about bail bondsmen, you know what they do. Reach out to a bail bondsman to learn more. 


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Understanding Loan Terms

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