Understanding Loan Terms

Understanding Loan Terms

Home Equity Loans: What You Should Know

by Gregory Hall

Do you have a mortgage on your house? If so, you can determine your home's equity by comparing the home's current value to your mortgage balance. The difference is your equity. Your equity tells you how much of your house you own, and you can access this money through a home equity loan. Here is a guide explaining the top things to know about home equity loans.

How a home equity loan works 

A home equity loan is money you borrow against your house, and it comes in the form of a second mortgage. Thus, you keep your first mortgage, as that doesn't change. But a home equity loan results in adding a second mortgage. The mortgage might last ten years or longer, but you can choose from various options. You might base the length on the required monthly payment amount. After all, you'll need to make sure you can afford to pay this second monthly payment.

Reasons to take a home equity loan

Why do homeowners pursue home equity loans? The reasons vary, but many people choose these loans for several common reasons.

One, many people rack up credit card debts and decide to consolidate. To consolidate, they must borrow money at the lowest interest rate possible. Fortunately, home equity loans generally have lower interest rates than other loan types.

Two, people might borrow money against their home to make repairs, renovations, and upgrades. If you want to update your home, this option offers the ideal method for acquiring the cash you need.

Factors affecting your ability to get one

Of course, a lender works through steps when reviewing your application, which means they have criteria. You must meet the criteria to get the loan, and your credit score is the first factor. The lender can tell you their credit score requirements before you apply. Secondly, they'll check your income and financial picture to ensure you can repay the funds if they approve your loan. Finally, they'll evaluate your home's equity to see how much you have.

Contact a mortgage lender to apply

Would you like to borrow money from your home's equity? If so, you can apply for a home equity loan by contacting a mortgage lender. The lender can give you an application and explain the application process to you. The lender can also answer your questions and walk you through the steps, so contact a mortgage lender to learn more.

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Understanding Loan Terms

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